360 Photos uses a custom-made software which we further customise for each branch. We started by using commercial softwares like the majority of virtual tour providers but were never satisfied with the features or quality on offer – the hefty license fees weren’t very attractive either so we set out to create a virtual tour software that included all of the nifty features that we thought every virtual tour could use.

We don’t just spin panoramas, we build an interactive tour which engages your website’s Users. Our rooms are dynamically linked and we can even link multiple tours with one-another – features that other provider’s haven’t even thought of let alone implemented.

The following is a short list of some of the features of our software. Come back from time-to-time as like any good software, it’s a work in progress so when we make additions we will list them here.

Certainly one of the best features of our software that most providers would like to replicate is our minimap. We take a scaled down version of your map and place it at the bottom of the screen giving your Users an overview which shows what they are seeing with our dynamic-panner which rotates on the map to show exactly what they’re looking at and where it is in relation to the other rooms and spots of your property.


Our software takes virtual tours to the next level by integrating video directly into the tour. Especially useful for spoken introductions and informational pieces. If you don’t have video – we can help! Take a look at how our multimedia integration could look inside your tour by clicking the links below.

We create a small, low-resolution version of each photograph to use as a placeholder so your Users know what is coming up. This lowers the bounce-rate as there is no more wondering whether the tour is working or the browser is frozen. The loading bar shows the progress to the User so they know just how long, or short they have to wait.


We place a large map in every tour which is available from the navigation at all times. This gives Users an oversight of the entire tour and enables us to dynamically link each spot so they can visually navigate from one spot to the next.


We can capture the ambience of your surroundings with a simple audio recording which we can then lay down as a small mp3 file, automatically played when your User’s load your tour. Limit it to one area, have multiple tracks in different rooms or even ask us to mix a track with some fitting music to really give off the vibe that makes your business unique.

Our tours allow not only panorama images but also high quality photographic stills. This enables us to show further angles of the highlights of your property and still showcase area which, perhaps due to size or light may not be suited to panoramas. We embed an icon in the tour which, when clicked on displays the corresponding picture in a lightbox. This all occurs directly within the tour and was designed with user-friendliness in mind.


A PDF Document inside a tour – what’s the point? Well if you’ve spent a lot of money on a prospectus or the design of your restaurant’s menu, wouldn’t you want to show it? Our PDF-Loader gives you this opportunity by allowing documents to be embedded and opened within the tour. Click on the Bar in the tour below for an example of this restaurant’s menu.

But that’s far from all. All of our tours can be customised with the following;

  • Logo – Place your logo inside your tour
  • Sponsoring – We provide space for a sponsor logo or your own on the loading screen
  • Autorotation – Some people love it, others hate it, either way you may choose to automatically rotate
  • your panoramas in a virtual tour from 360 Photos
  • Social Sharing – We provide direct links to the likes of Facebook and Twitter so Users can share your tour with friends
  • Colour Scheming – Choose from various colour schemes for in-tour interactive elements
  • Multi-Language support – Tours can be provided in English, German and Spanish
  • Choose your view – we let you select the start view for every image
  • Compass – Let your User’s know where they’re looking with our in-tour compass
  • Full-Screen – Display your tour in all it’s beauty across the whole screen
  • Menu – We provide a menu with shortcuts to all of the places in your tour by way of a simple drop-down menu
  • Tour-Linking – Our software can link multiple tours (eg. multiple shops in one building) – ask us how